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Compact NLIS Scanner

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Easy to use NLIS compatible scanner ideal for reading Australian NLIS electronic cattle ear tags and bolus tags.


  • Easy to read crystal clear LED display
  • Buzz alert and illumination on successful scan
  • Deduplication mode ensures tags are only scanned once
  • Record up to 7,000 tags with time and date stamp
  • Scan hundreds of cattle per hour with ease
  • Data export to Windows PC computer via USB or Bluetooth
  • Data transfer software and support provided by AgriEid
  • Erase function to clear all records as required
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery with USB charging cable

This portable and light weight NLIS scanner has been successfully tested in Australian cattle yards and is the best value scanner available on the market.

Improve your electronic record keeping for Australian NLIS stock management compliance with this awesome new scanner from AgriEid and our powerful software.

Click here to view the Operation Manual for this product.

Easy PC software to transfer tags from memory onto your computer.

Includes 6 months free access to the AgriEID digital farm platform - click here for more information. See live demo of software platform in action here

Includes modules : Livestock management, paddock management, machinery management, rainfall gauge and analytics, paddock rotation, todo list, farm planner, market analytics etc 

Software is not required to operate this device - data transfer software is free and is available for download from our support page.